Camp Learning

It is a unique residential learning programme involving acclaimed academics and industry leaders to help participants to improve their personal and professional competencies and thereby manage their life and career in an effective manner.

Camp learning is designed in such way that the participants spend quality time with their mentors to establish life-long relationship and provide high impact learning experience. The learning atmosphere is designed to be both formal and informal because activities span beyond classroom. It is an experiential learning in a community setting.

The methodology of the programme is designed to take the participants through a flowing rhythm of exploration and discovery by involving them in a series of exercises, dialogues, personal interaction with mentors, etc. The consistent framework of the programme will provide reinforcement for creating synergetic impact.

The programme is designed to have a wholesome experience of living as a community. This community living experience is an important dimension to this programme for a life-long experience. It is a foundation for a new beginning.

General Objectives of Camp Learning are:

  • Introspect upon and map the self
  • Identify and develop the innate talents of each participant to bring about self-enrichment
  • Understand the relationship between inner processes and outer expressions
  • Reinvent oneself using appropriate strategies and methods
  • Adopt a Social-capital approach in leadership
  • Discover the habits that will make one more effective as a person
  • Develop diligence and patience
  • Develop a foundation for self-monitoring
  • Develop a foundation for interpersonal ethics and intrapersonal discipline.

The programme will be conducted at various locations in Bangalore throughout the year. The exact dates and outlines of specific programmes will be released 60 days before the respective events and will be communicated to stakeholders.

Summer Leadership Camp

Every year we conduct a ‘SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP’ which is designed for the youngsters who are studying in class XI and Class XII and it is best suited for those who are aspiring to take up management as their career. However,students who wish to develop their personality are welcome to join the camp, irrespective of their career intentions.

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Programme Director

Raju Thomas

Phone no: +91-9945025640

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