Research-Mentoring and Publication

Indian academic institutions are more focused on teaching, and hence tend to neglect research. Many are the young scholars in our institutions who fail to do good quality research for want of proper guidance. Since many of our institutions lack internal competencies and resources for providing the required guidance and assistance to researchers, ICIER proposes to fill this gap. With its international network of qualified and experienced researchers, ICIER is able to guide and mentor aspiring researchers to produce publishable output of high-quality.

Research-related services currently being offered by ICIER are in the following areas:

  • 1 Preparation of research proposal
  • 2 Writing a publishable quality research paper
  • 3 Guidance of Thesis (PG and PhD levels)
  • 4 Writing good quality reviews of books, research papers and project reports
  • 5 Developing project proposals
  • 6 Preparation of research presentations

The interventions would include: reviewing of completed manuscripts with a view to identifying and suggesting the areas of improvement; discussions for identification of research questions, research objectives and research design; support to identify the relevant literature, comprehend it and develop a conceptual framework and testable hypotheses; analysis of the data, interpretation of the results and discussion of findings with a view to developing theoretical perspectives. In short, ICIER will provide comprehensive guidance at each stage of research as well as for the post-research publication efforts.

Other Areas of Collaborations

Apart from the above-mentioned avenues of working together, we can also collaborate with the scholars in the following list of tasks:

  • Provide postdoctoral mentoring to help young scholars publish their work in reputed journals
  • Publish research papers and books on its own or in collaboration with others through reputed publishers
  • Provide co-authorship, where required, for significantly revising the draft work and getting it published
  • Publish academic journals and/or provide editorial support to other journals
  • Provide editorial and publishing assistance to other institutions for publishing edited volumes of selected papers from their academic conferences, in collaboration with reputed publishers.
  • Edit and publish research reports/books/edited volumes on its own or in collaboration with other institutions.

Procedure For Initiating Collaboration

The individuals, institutions or enterprises interested in receiving the above mentioned services are expected to submit a write-up on their proposed project. All proposals will be evaluated by the ICIER team and the fee charged will depend on the amount of work to be performed by ICIER. Proposals for producing publishable papers from drafts will be classified according to the amount of work required to be performed on them based on the following criteria.

  • Academic standard of the draft paper (Level of the paper)
  • External content in the draft paper
  • Contribution to the knowledge (significant, new ground, foundation for future research)
  • Relevance (timeliness, interest of audience)
  • Rationale (grounds/ base of a known theory or interesting issue, new perspectives or explanations)
  • Format of the paper (APA Style)
  • Clarity of presentation (organized and clear)
  • Application of the sampling method (appropriateness)
  • Application of the research method (appropriateness)
  • Application of the tools (appropriateness)
  • Application of the statistical techniques (appropriateness)
  • Discussion of the results (based on data analysis, over-stated or over generalized)
  • Focus on justification, results and implementation (readable, technical material in appendix)
  • Technical assessment (accurate and sound)
  • Strong evidence of reliability and validity of the constructs, in the case of surveys
  • Implications and recommendations (relevant and useful)
  • Readability, being free of grammatical, spelling errors

The mentoring process may need several sessions and different levels of expertise at different stages, which will be arranged by ICIER. While ICIER is able to improve the drafts to publishable quality levels, it cannot guarantee publication in a particular journal, as the latter decisions will largely depend on the policies of individual journals.

Project Director

Kishinchand Poornima Wasdani

Phone no: 91-9880841921

Email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.