Business Incubation, Intrapreneurship, Induction and Innovation

Business Incubation

ICIER Centre for Business Incubation (ICBI) provides premises, advice, services and support to new and emerging businesses to assist budding entrepreneurs to become self-reliant, established and profitable ventures. ICIER team uses its expertise to Guide, Inspire and Support Entrepreneurs to achieve new levels of performance.


    • Encouraging entrepreneurship
    • Supporting innovation
    • Improving the performance of existing Businesses

 Incubatee Benefits

  • Business Mentoring
  • Programmes and workshops to enhance the capability and skill set
  • Access to specialist advisors, mentors and investors
  • Accelerated development of ideas or ventures
  • Opportunities for sharing experience with other entrepreneurs at a similar stage of development and learning from the more experienced ones
  • Reduced risk of mistakes during early stages
  • Improved use of scarce resources
  • Improved potential for finding the right resources and partners
  • Assistance for identifying funding sources
  • Assistance for preparing business plans
  • Assistance for talent recruitment
  • Facilitating Intellectual Property Rights Protection for innovative ideas

Incubation Process at ICBI

There are three stages in the incubation process at ICBI:
1. Pre-Incubation Stage;
2. Incubation Stage;
3.Post-Incubation Stage.

Pre-Incubation Stage

Entrepreneurs who are interested in the incubation assistance of ICBI may write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ”. Once the mail is received an application form will be forwarded to the applicant and the filled form along with the business plans needs to be returned to ICIER. The applications will be scrutinised by a screening committee of experts, and the decision will be communicated to the applicant within two weeks.

Incubation Stage

Once the selection-decision is communicated, the incubatee signs a formal agreement with ICBI. The terms and conditions and the list of services in terms of mentoring, physical facilities and other assistances available to the incubatee will be specified in the agreement. (Click here for details)

Post-Incubation Stage

After graduation, the incubatee will be in continuous contact with ICBI, who will facilitate such interactions through formal and informal meetings with the entrepreneur. The exit clauses provided in the agreement will have to be respected by both the parties.


ICIER aims at creating awareness among the management of organizations of the benefits in promoting intrapreneurship among their employees. For those organizations who appreciate the need and their willing to create appropriate systems for promoting intrapreneurship among employees, ICIER would organize training programs for their employees. The Intrapreneurship development programme can demonstrate how companies can effectively utilise employee innovativeness to create new and profitable products/ services. These programmes can also create a “win-win” symbiotic relationship between the employer and employees (intrapreneurs) and lead to higher levels of employee retention.


ICIER conducts induction programmes for Corporates, SMEs, NGOs and Government Organizations, to provide basic knowledge of various management functions to their employees. For the SME and NGO sectors, where the numbers of new recruits are not large enough for a single programme, they could form consortia and engage ICIER services to conduct the induction programme. While ICIER provides the generally applicable knowledge on management functions, the company-specific and practical information will be provided by the one or more executives of the respective companies.


One of the missions of ICIER is to promote innovation among the organized sector of the society with special focus on the marginalised sectors such as SMEs, NGOs, Academic Institutions and Government Organizations. We conduct programs on various issues in Creativity & Innovation Management and provide assistance in developing innovative ideas to those who are interested in mentoring support.

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